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Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Rattan is popular material for furniture beside bamboo and wood. The reason of its fame is because it is easy to weave and shape into various styles of furniture. Rattan is considered as versatile material to create wicker and painted like regular wood furniture as well. The demand of rattan as furniture is increasing for couple years now. Manufacturers overwhelmed with this situation that have made them to use the alternative material to substitute. Then the choice is given to synthetic rattan, a synthetic version of rattan. Synthetic rattan is made from a high density polyethylene (HDPE) fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength. A polymer extrusion expertly woven over an aluminum frame makes it possible for woven furniture to endure all weather conditions. Its easiness to achieve rounded lines with rattan compared to the requirement of lots of cutting and sanding with other woods. It was an alternative material for making furniture, but now the existence can not be neglected by the furniture lover and manufacturers. As the increasing demand of outdoor furniture from the market, that is the impact came out. Synthetic rattan is most suitable for outdoor furniture because of its UV light resistant, durability and withstand to weather in all conditions. The HDPE superior is also chemical resistance that makes it more adorned by people to buy one. It is also easy to clean by just hosing it off since the superiority it has.
Way back to the first time come to surface, this man made furniture material has made some people reluctant to purchase it. But by looking for the benefit and superiority, people are struggling to have synthetic rattan as their outdoor furniture in their patio, porches or backyard. The luxury of beautiful furniture from affordable product can be seen by this material.