Teak Furniture

Teak is a kind of tropical tree with high quality of wood, robust,strong and isn’t easily shriveled under different temperatures. Teak is an immensely stable timber,dense in nature, ideal for garden furniture. Natural teak timber varies widely in color from soft, even blonde to rich pattern of golden amber and deep brown. Teak wood (Tectona grandis L.F) is commonly used for teak furniture. And can also used for boat building dock making and other things which require resistance to the elements.
Teak wood is well known as raw material of building and the best furniture. Because it”s exceptionally strong, durable and beauty. Like the wine, teak wood is older more price. Teak wood durable in all seasons or weather in all around the world, such as snow, spring, hot, winter, summer and rainy.
There are many region producer of teak furniture. One of them is Jepara. Jepara is small town in Central of Java Province,Indonesia. In jepara so many furniture makers or furniture producer. Some product of furniture such as table set, chairs, office table, buffet, cupboard, risban, gazebo, gebyok, antique furniture (furniture indoor and outdoor) and etc.
All about things of furniture that can you get it through email. Because the furniture produser has website for easy to customer or consumen. They can order it through that website. This manner usually called Online Marketing. Or the customer can order it direcly in the place.
Teak furniture is lasting long. But better if we take care it. The manner to take care it is use warm soapy water and to thoroughly remove all dust, debrist, and dirt, leave to dry thoroughly. Because teak wood has high levels of natural oil. All manner that to help mantain the color and appearance of furniture. And when the furniture not to clean, so the rain and sun will change all colors become silvery gray. All about it can happened to the outdor furniture.
Because of that, for you who had the teak furniture you have to clean up in order that the teak furniture is not going broken quickly. You needn’t do it everyday,a week is enough. All of that will give you benefit.

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