The Teak Furniture Is Very Famous

Teak Furniture has been famous because teak’s durable and colours seemed luxurious and high class. At the past time the teak is used as materials to made a ship, include VOC’s ships which sailed on the ocean in seventh century. And also built a bridge and rail pillow. The teak contain of oil and sediment inside wood cells, so make it is durable to used in outdoor without varnees and also if it is used under the roof.
Teak branch which can’t used for furniture, can used for fire wood number one, because it is very hot. At the past time it is used be fuel of steam locomotive engine.
At home,a teak is used for building structure also. Traditional java houses such as joglo in central java, use the teak almost whole part, such as the poles, the roof, until the carve wall. But in wood industry, the teak is made become to vaneer for the wood surface cover and become to parquet for the floor cover. And also exported to foreign countries. All of the teak is sent by Indonesia and Myanmar.
Even teak leaves are used to wrap, including for food. Rice which wrapped with the teak leaves would be more delicious. For example is Nasi Jamblang that famous in Jamblang, cirebon. Nasi jamblang is ordinary rice with variety of side dishes. What makes it unique is the rice is covered by the teak leaves. Another thing that makes it unique is the side dishes are all served on the table. The teak leaves also used in Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java become to tempe wrapped.
Teak forest especially provide cultivate field. Interstice of the teak trees, farmers were planting second crop. From the teak forest they got some honey, some food source, and some medicine. Many farmers live in the teak forest village use the teak leather for wall of theirs home. The teak leaves that wide and hairy and fall in dry season, they use for food and things cover. And the teak branch for household fuel in the teak forest village. Even the teak forests in Java have economize function else.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is a timber class for strength and durability. Teak wood is a type of timber-producing trees of high quality, large tree can grow straight stem high reaches 30 to 40 m, large leaves and is known as Teak in English.
Teak trees are considered good are lined oak large circle, straight stem and little branches. Teak much spread in Indonesia, in Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali and many more. On the island of Java, especially in Jepara is famous for producing the best teak wood and producing Furniture and best carvings. Although hard and strong teak wood pieces and easy on the work. So in love to make Furniture and carvings such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and much more. Wood is in fine sand has a smooth surface like a greasy circle patterns hold on Teakwood was visible, resulting in a beautiful picture. Classify as teak wood in a luxury, therefore the identity much like the furniture in the garden, interior furniture, handicrafts, panels, and the class ladder.
All part of the teak wood very useful, stem of the eak wood utilized to create Furniture such as furniture, chairs, tables, beds and others. Teak leaves are traditionally utilized as a wrapper in Java rice is wrapped in teak leaves was more enjoyable, for example Jamblang rice is a famous in Jamblang region, Cirebon. Teak leaves are also used to wrap a tempe.
The root of the teak leaf can produce a yellow dye and yellow-brown natural for woven. Teak leaves can also make drugs to cure the disease of Cholera. Teak Branch utilized as a first-firewood because teak high heat.
Teak wood also has a function Economies, many farmers use tree bark as an ingredient Teak walls. Teak wood forests mainly provide arable land on the sidelines of Teak trees for planting Crop.
With the teakwood forests protected from floods, landslides and others, as Teak Trees help reduce pounding rain water thus protecting the soil from erosion by water, so with the Teak Tree we can enjoy the natural beauty of nature.